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For Vets

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While SAGE is well known for 24/7 “walk-in” emergency care, we are predominantly a team of board-certified veterinary specialists whose patients are referred to us by primary veterinarians for everything from consulting for a 2nd opinion, to medical boarding with a SAGE Criticalist, to post-surgery physical rehabilitation. In all cases, SAGE keeps the primary vet informed at all stages of treatment, from initial consult to recheck. This continuity between SAGE and the primary veterinarian ensures the best possible outcome for the pet.

This section contains information most relevant to primary veterinarians and their staff. Information most relevant to pet owners will be found HERE.

At SAGE, we speak of a “triad of caregivers,” consisting of:

Clients • Primary Veterinarians • SAGE Specialists

To maintain the triad of care, SAGE will keep you informed of your clients’ pet’s progress after our initial consultation and/or visit, and any subsequent recheck appointments. We believe that this continuity between specialist and primary veterinarian ensures the best possible outcome, which after all, is everyone’s goal.

Veterinarian Resources

Continuing Education

SAGE is committed to providing continuing education opportunities not only for our own staff but also for the veterinarian community.

Articles & Publications

Read articles and publications authored by our very own SAGE family Doctors.

Scheduling An Appointment With Us

Steps for Primary Veterinarians on how to schedule an appointment with a SAGE center doctor.

Brochures & PDFs

Order informational brochures about our services and procedures as well as SAGE promotional materials

Vet FAQs

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What are indications for radiation therapy
Is SAGE a corporation
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