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We are here because we appreciate and love animals. We will give pets and their families the best possible care with kindness and respect.

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We’re there when you need us. SAGE provides emergency care in each of our hospitals, every day including holidays. Our emergency teams are comprised of seasoned doctors who have dedicated themselves to the field of emergency medicine. While emergency situations can be stressful, rest assured your pet will be in qualified hands.

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I Found a Lump on My Pet! Is it Cancerous? What Should I Do?

By: Jason Kidd, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology) - SAGE Concord Finding a new lump or bump on your beloved pet can be distressing. Many new lumps will prove to be benign but any new skin mass or mass under the skin should be evaluated by your family vet. In general, it is best...

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Chemotherapy – What My Pet and I Should Expect?

By: Ashley Bennett DVM, DACVIM (Oncology) - SAGE Dublin After learning that a beloved pet has cancer, one of the scariest things to consider is whether or not chemotherapy may be involved in the treatment plan.  Sadly, many of the families that I meet with have gone...

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