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SAGE Veterinary Centers

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Referral Portal

Our team of veterinary specialists often receieve referrals from primary veterinarians. Throughout the process, we’ll be continuously communicating between veterinarians and pet owners to provide the best possible care for the pet.

Steps For Primary Veterinarians


Please call and speak with one of our specialists or emergency doctors about the case you are referring over. Our team is available to speak with you to work together to assess the next best steps needed for your patient’s care. Partnering with our team ahead of time allows us to prepare appropriately for your client and their pet.

SAGE Referral Portal

Please access the Referral Portal with your Practice’s User Name and Password to electronically and securely submit your referral case, all records, lab work, radiographs, etc.. This is the preferred method of referral to SAGE to avoid fax hang ups, and email spam. As the portal is cloud based, it has no size restrictions. If your hospital management software is Cornerstone or Avimark, may integrate with your software, to make the referral even easier! If you need assistance or training with the portal, please contact us.

Fax Or Email

Though we would prefer the use of the portal over fax or email due to size and spam constraints, you may fax or email your patient’s records along with a cover letter detailing the department and/or doctor to whom the patient should be seen, to the SAGE facility you are sending the case to. Please include the patient’s most recent medical history and all copies of lab work done, as soon as possible. This will allow our specialists to review the records prior to the appointment and provide them with time to ask you questions before your client arrives with their pet.


If you have digital radiography at your clinic, please send the radiographs through the portal ahead of time to the facility where the appointment is scheduled, or provide your client with a CD of the radiographs to bring with them to the appointment.

If you do not have digital radiography, we recommend you have the client bring any radiographs that you have taken, with them to their appointment. We will have the client return these radiographs to you after the visit. For any questions, please contact us.

Please call SAGE for instructions to assure the radiographs arrive in time for the appointment.