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SAGE Veterinary Centers

CT Machine at SAGE Veterinary Centers

Clinical Trials

SAGE Veterinary Centers' veterinarians and patients participate in a variety of clinical studies.

SAGE Oncology has a robust Oncology service that includes 8 Medical Oncologists and 1 Radiation Oncologist. The Oncology teams are committed to contributing to the advancement of medicine, and to helping their patients with clinical trials. Here are the trials in which we are participating.

Veterinarian with Family; Dog Lying on Exam Table

PetCure Oncology

Osteosarcoma & Lung Tumor Trial


Please check this page regularly for clinical trial posts.

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Rebekah Belasco

Meet Our Clinical Trials Coordinator

Rebekah Belasco, RVT

Rebekah Belasco has been with SAGE since 2021 on the Oncology team in our SAGE Dublin hospital.

Prior to SAGE, she served in the US Navy for 4 years working on an aircraft carrier and on hover crafts, and then pursued a career in veterinary medicine.

She is a licensed veterinary technician (graduate of Carrington College) with experience in general practice and shelter medicine.

Rebekah believes in contributing to the community and the veterinary profession to improve the future care of our patients in her role as Clinical Trials Coordinator.

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