Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

SAGE Oncology has a robust Oncology service which includes 10 Medical Oncologists and 1 Radiation Oncologist. The Oncology teams are committed to contributing to the advancement of medicine, and to helping their patients with clinical trials. Here are the trials in which we are participating.

Canine Cancer Tissue Study

Predicting the Right Treatment for the Right Patient

Chris Apfel, MD, PhD, MBA and Juliana Baratta, MS

Every tumor is different and therefore it has been difficult to predict which therapy is likely to be most effective. The development of next generation sequencing has enabled oncologists to get a better understanding of the underlying genomic mutation and mechanism of an individual cancer. Unfortunately, in the vast majority of cases, a relevant mutation cannot be identified and as of today it is not possible to accurately predict the most effective therapy.

However, the goal of the collaboration between SageMedic Corp. and SAGE Veterinary Centers is to change that. SageMedic Corp. has developed the SAGE Direct Test™ and here is how it works. A patient’s live tumor biopsy will be taken to create in-vitro hundreds of 3D-microtumors that are similar to the patient’s original tumor. Those live, in-vitro microtumors will then be exposed to various treatment options and within less than a week, SageMedic will be able to identify the most effective therapy. We are excited to expand our SAGE Direct Test™ to the veterinarian practice in order to improve the lives of beloved pets and their owners once our development is complete.

Because this is still in the research stage, there is not cost to participate in the study. If you want to learn more about the study, please talk to your oncologist and visit our SageMedic Corp. website.

This trial is available at SAGE Campbell, Dublin, and Redwood City Hospitals.

Antibiotic Use In Veterinary Medicine

SAGE is providing information to participate in the University of Minnesota’s evaluation on antibiotic use in veterinary medicine to help us evaluate the prevalence of antibiotic use and how it may contribute to bacterial resistance in our veterinary patients. Our participation helps the University of Minnesota’s Antibiotic Stewardship Program ( This is not a study where we enroll patients, and rather a data-gathering study on previously treated patients. We are proud to participate in studies like this to help us advance veterinary medicine!

Osteosarcoma & Lung Tumor Trial

PetCure Onocology Osteosarcoma Trial:

PetCure Oncology Lung Tumor Trial:

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