Our Services

Compassionate Values & Quality Care For Your Pet!

  • Veterinarians and Licensed Technicians on duty at all times to provide your pet with constant monitoring and TLC. 
  • Complete In-House Laboratory including blood gases and coagulation times for immediate test results.
  • Intensive Care Unit for constant climate and oxygen support.
  • Ultrasonography, abdominal and thoracic. 
  • Digital Radiology, GI endoscopy, Ocular Tonometry (eye pressure testing).
  • Advanced Anesthetic Monitoring & Pain Management techniques including constant rate IV infusion and epidural analgesia. 
  • Plasma and Red Blood Cell transfusion medicine. On site Feline Blood Donor. Cross matching and blood typing.
  • Nutritional Management for the critically ill pet including intravenous feeding and feeding tube placement.
  • Isolation Ward for communicable disease treatment; isolated ICU unit.
  • Safe respite and medical care for injured stray or lost pets.