About Us

Complete Trauma, Emergency Surgery & Critical Care Hospital

Yakima Pet Emergency began serving the greater Yakima region in September of 2005. Since that time, we have evolved from a simple weekend emergency clinic, to a complete trauma, emergency surgery and critical care hospital for small animals, operating seven days a week.

We as individuals and as a team are: empathetic, compassionate, have integrity, value excellent medical standard, and seek to enhance the level of emergency veterinary care in Yakima. We maintain an ongoing commitment to serving all of our clients with kindness and courtesy.

Any time during the week, pets that require overnight monitoring or intensive care can be transferred to our hospital from your regular veterinarian’s office. This will provide continued medical and nursing care without interruption. Your pet will never be alone; they will be observed, kept clean, medicated as needed or just receive a little TLC to speed their recovery by our compassionate staff.

Yakima Pet Emergency accepts patients by referral or on a walk-in basis. 

When you and your pet are in need, we are here for you!