Common Procedures


We offer state-of-the-art surgical treatment for local, small animal patients as well as those referred from veterinarians across the state. All of our surgeons have completed a one-year rotating internship followed by at least three years of specialized training in small animal surgery at an accredited veterinary teaching hospital in addition to veterinary school. To learn more about our intake process, please click HERE!


We provide testing and care for all species of animals with skin and ear problems, and work closely with dermatopathologists (pathologists who special in skin disease) to diagnose and treat dermatology diseases in the best way possible.

Dr. Preziosi deals with disease that affect the skin, ears and sometimes the gastrointestinal system.  This can range from allergies, to endocrine diseases, to resistant infections, congenital skin disorders, autoimmune skin diseases, unusual infectious diseases and even some skin cancers.

To aide in the diagnosis of these various disorders she may employ skin or ear cytology, culture of the infection, blood work or skin biopsies.  Treatment of skin cancer is usually limited to cutaneous lymphoma,  melanoma and select cases of mast cell tumors.  For allergies she will help clients through food trials or if appropriate, perform intradermal skin testing and formulate allergy serum based on the results. 

She is available to referring veterinarians for consultation on using serum test results or can make up an allergy serum that reflects the local allergens. For dogs with chronic ear disease she will often be able to clear disease using a combination of long-term treatment, deep ear flushing using video otoscopy and diagnosis of the underlying cause.

Ear Disease

Intradermal skin test

Allergy serum formulation- immunotherapy

Deep ear flushing using a video otoscope

Skin biopsy

Removal of small lesions using a Cryoprobe