Celia Valverde, DVM, DACVS

Dr. Celia Valverde’s passion for healing animals has taken her to every corner of the globe. She earned her DVM degree at the School of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics, University of São Paulo, Brazil in 1985. Since 1991, Dr. Valverde has worked with primarily with small and exotic animals’ species at veterinary hospitals across the United States, including the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis where she was on the faculty in various positions from 1990 to 2013.
Dr. Valverde’s volunteer efforts have been extensive and global. Early in her career, she volunteered as a field biologist and data collector in the Cantareira Rainforest State Park in Brazil, where she identified avian species across the coastal rainforest. Her rehabilitation work with avian species continued for years in Brazil, as well as in Alaska, where she studied breeding biology of Pacific White-fronted geese. During her years in Alaska, Dr. Valverde also served as a wildlife veterinarian working with seabirds and the Bald Eagle Recovery Program following the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. During breaks from her day job, Dr. Valverde traveled to Honduras to volunteer as a wildlife veterinarian in charge of rehabilitating endangered parrots and macaws. She has also been a veterinary volunteer with the Alaska Iditarod dog sled race and more recently during the Camp Fire rescue effort in Northern California.