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We offer a wide array of surgical and rehabilitative services.

Veterinary Specialists of Alaska

Established in 1996

We pride ourselves in providing you the most advanced treatment.

Veterinary Specialists of Alaska


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Veterinary Specialists of Alaska

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We provide testing and care for all species of animals with skin and ear problems, and work closely with dermatopathologists (pathologists who special in skin disease) to diagnose and treat dermatology diseases in the best way possible.

Diagnostic Modalities

We are proud to be the leader in the field of diagnostics for small animals in the state of Alaska. We offer general, orthopedic, neurologic, and dermatologic examination; as well as radiography, contrast radiography, myelography, fluoroscopy, laparoscopy, arthroscopy and skin testing to diagnose allergies in small animals.


We offer state-of-the-art surgical treatment for local, small animal patients as well as those referred from veterinarians across the state. All of our surgeons have completed a one-year rotating internship followed by at least three years of specialized training in small animal surgery at an accredited veterinary teaching hospital in addition to veterinary school.  

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Our board certified surgeons have over 25 years experience each

Meet the Doctors

Casey Budgeon


Originally from upstate New York, Dr. Budgeon fulfilled a long-standing goal of a second career in veterinary medicine when he graduated from Ross University with highest honors in 2012.
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Jessica Dahlberg


Dr. Dahlberg is a board-certified veterinary surgeon with over 15 years of veterinary surgery experience. She performs emergency and advanced elective small animal surgery at universities and referral centers in the US.
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Diane Preziosi


Dr. Diane Preziosi will be on sabbatical starting January 15, 2023.
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From humble beginnings as Alaska Veterinary Surgical Services, established in September 1996, we expanded rapidly into the first multi-specialty veterinary referral practice in Alaska. Veterinary Specialists of Alaska was established in 2003 after the completion of our state-of-the-art hospital, the addition of dermatology services by Dr. Diane Preziosi. 

Over the past 25 years, Veterinary Specialists of Alaska has remained on the cutting edge of technology in veterinary surgery and dermatology with the singular goal of providing you and your pet access to the very best treatment options available. Veterinary Specialists of Alaska are uniquely familiar with the realities of life for Alaskan pets!

Our patients and their families are often much more active and face a different set of challenges and goals than the average pet from the Lower 48 states! We feel uniquely equipped to make diagnostic and treatment recommendations for you based on our long history in Alaska.

You can count on us to make an accurate diagnosis of your pets’ injury or illness, to inform you of the treatment options available and to recommend the most appropriate treatment plan for you and your furry companion. 

Although our name has changed to reflect the broadened scope of services and our techniques and treatments have evolved with advances in technology, our mission and philosophy remain the same. To improve quality of life for you and your pet by providing the best possible treatment!


Welcome to VSOAK, a Surgical and Dermatological Veterinary Specialty Center.

With the ever-increasing COVID-related illnesses, our lobby remains closed. Our goal continues to be protecting the safety of everyone from our pet parents to our hard work staff.  

We kindly ask that you respect this policy, as we do have the right to refuse service to anyone who does not comply. 

Upon arrival please call 907-274-0645.

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