Is it an Emergency?

tempSigns of an eye emergency include known trauma or sudden onset of cloudiness, severe redness, pain or loss of vision. The key element is the sudden onset as more gradual symptoms are much less likely to be an emergency.  There are only a small number of eye emergencies which need immediate care, but many situations which should be dealt with within a day or two of onset.

Any eye condition can be alarming and, while many are not true emergencies, a significant delay in treatment can result in irreversible changes rapidly in some situations. If the problem occurs after hours and you are unsure, you may wish to have the situation first evaluated by your general veterinarian or a local general emergency hospital. They will be able to make this assessment and will know how to reach one of the doctors at Veterinary Vision for consultation or referral if needed.

We absolutely accommodate true emergencies, but be aware that we are an appointment only facility and we do not accept unscheduled walk-ins. Call us at 650-551-1115 for advice and to make arrangements. More details available below.

Veterinary Emergency Hospitals in the Bay Area (not a comprehensive list)

Pet Emergency and Specialty Center (San Rafael) 415-456-7372
All Animals Emergency Hospital (San Francisco) 415-566-0530
Pets Unlimited (San Francisco) 415-563-6700
San Francisco Veterinary Specialists (San Francisco) 415-401-9200
North Peninsula Veterinary Emergency Clinic (San Mateo) 650-348-2575
South Peninsula Veterinary Emergency Hospital (Palo Alto) 650-494-1461
Adobe Animal Hospital (Los Altos) 650-948-9661

What do I do?

For suspected eye emergencies, call our office phone number (650-551-1115 or 800-427-5367). If we are open, we will be able to talk you through the degree of emergency and schedule an appropriate appointment. If we are closed, you will be given instructions to press *222 and then wait for the tone to leave your message. Give us your name, your phone number, your pet’s name and the nature of the emergency. After you hang up an on call doctor will be paged and will call you back to give you advice. If you have not received a response in 15 minutes, we may have had technical difficulties. Please call back and repeat the message.

Be sure to leave your contact number (including area code, since we cover several) and speak slowly and clearly. Please repeat your phone number.