Services Available at Veterinary Vision

  • Slit lamp examination and indirect ophthalmoscopy by board-certified veterinary ophthalmologists
  • Applanation tonometry for measurement of intraocular pressure
  • Schirmer Tear Test for diagnosis of Dry Eye or KCS
  • Fluorescein staining for identification of corneal ulcers, qualitative tear film deficiency, and tear drainage abnormalities
  • Exam fee includes exam, advice, and any of the following that doctor deems indicated: STT, IOP, fluorescein stain
  • Electronic records shared between two locations


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  • Gonioscopy to aid in differentiation of primary and secondary glaucoma
  • Electroretinography for detection of retinal disease
  • Ocular ultrasonography for detection of ocular or orbital tumors and retinal detachments
  • Additional less commonly used modalities: fundus photography, aesthesiometer to measure corneal sensitivity, Rose Bengal vital corneal stain, chromatic pupillometry


  • State of the art cataract extraction and artificial lens implantation using phacoemulsification technology
  • Laser cyclophotocoagulation for glaucoma
  • Diode laser treatment for iris cysts and pigmented tumors




  • Urgent work-ins for documented emergencies, for an additional fee
  • Emergency consultations for veterinarians and clients- after hours and weekends
  • Horse eye examination farm calls by Dr. Lynch
  • Saturday appointments



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