A Guide To Vacation With Your Dog

A Guide To Vacation With Your Cat Or Dog

Around half of all US dog owners take their pets on vacation with them. This practice is becoming increasingly common and while it’s fun to have your furry friend traveling alongside you, at sometimes it can be a bit of a hassle. It’s important to plan ahead before traveling with your pet. With that, […]

How to Keep Cats Safe Outdoors

How to Keep Cats Safe Outdoors

While many domesticated cats prefer to stay indoors, there are still quite a few adventurous felines who enjoy getting out into nature. These cats can prowl around the neighbor, chase after mice, and still find their way back home on a daily basis. However, despite the fact that cats are agile predators, there are, […]

Allergies In Pets, Scratching The Surface

What Is An Allergy?

An allergy is an immune response to a substance that causes hypersensitivity in the body. Pets have the potential to react to substances such as pollen, foods, chemicals etc. While allergic reactions in humans are rather noticeable, the presence of an allergy in your pet may differ considerably. Symptoms of pet allergies The symptoms, […]

Allie Pit Bull Fractured Jaw Radiographs

SAGE Dublin Surgeon Heals Puppy’s Jaw after Alleged Beating

The 9-month old pit bull puppy from Hayward was shaking, and her tongue hung out of her mouth, covered in blood. A victim of suspected animal abuse, “Allie” had an injured left jaw and severe bruising around her ears and trunk. Taking a closer look, SAGE Dublin surgeon Dr. Tim Sellmeyer noticed that Allie, […]

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