Susan Ruland

Director, Hospital Operations
SAGE Campbell

Susan has been with SAGE Centers since October 2013 when she started as the Hospital Manager for SAGE Concord.  She successfully managed this facility through the final transition stages of integrating the processes of the former CCEVC (Contra Costa Emergency Veterinary Center) with SAGE.  In 2015, Susan was selected to assume the Hospital Manager role at SAGE San Mateo, to finalize the closure of that facility and physical moving of services and staff into the new SAGE Redwood City hospital.  She and her project team were successful in completing this monumental task with no disruption of services!

In December 2016, Susan took over the management of SAGE Campbell, our largest and busiest center with 22 doctors and over 75 staff.  As a DHO, she manages and consistently looks for ways to improve the operations of a high case load, 24/7 specialty and emergency veterinary hospital.  She works closely with her doctor team, Clinical Manager and department leads to ensure staffing levels are appropriate to meet the needs of the patients, and is responsible for selecting, hiring, training and developing clinical and client service support.   With her extensive knowledge and experience in operations, she is involved and participates on pilot projects to be implemented SAGE-wide.  Last, but not least, Susan oversees the maintenance and servicing of the SAGE Campbell facility, and is accountable for managing towards the P&L and annual operating plan.

Prior to coming to SAGE, she was a Vice President/General Manager at Zephyr Express, and held several senior level Operations Manager positions at Pepsico/Frito Lay.  Susan has a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing, both from the University of Connecticut.  She also obtained an MBA in Finance from the University of San Francisco.

Susan resides in San Francisco and is the proud owner of a special needs cat, a rescue from the SAGE Concord hospital.

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