Success Stories

Success Stories

Argus And The Mushroom

Argus had just turned two…so he was still my little puppy. I had come home from work and found a mushroom on our deck. The day before, I searched my yard and thought I had found them all. I grabbed this one and put it in a bag just in case. In the middle of the night, Argus started throwing up. I knew he was very sick, so I brought him to an emergency room near me. The doctors there quickly realized they could not save my Argus.

They said our only chance was SAGE. I rushed him over and the two doctors on his case were wonderful. They told us exactly what they were doing and how they were going to save Argus. He was in the intensive care for a while but SAGE allowed us to visit with Argus’s sister. They would also call us with updates to make us more comfortable. I remember the day the doctor called us and said his liver enzymes had gone down…she was so excited because that meant he was going to survive.

When Argus had to go back every week for rechecks on his liver enzymes, it was so cute…they treated us and Argus like we were old friends.

I have had Shepherds for 30 years and Argus is truly my heart dog. He is super sensitive to me and always tries to please us. I truly do not know what I would do if SAGE wasn’t able to save his life.

Thank you SAGE for caring so much about Argus and his family.

Argus’s Mommy (Lisa)

Argus was a very sick dog. He was suspected of eating mushrooms and a urine test confirmed that he did ingest the poisonous variety.

The poisons severely injured Argus’s liver. Our treatments helped to remove the toxins from his body early in the process and broke the cycle of re-circulation through the liver which is when we see the most damage occur. Previous cases with this type of severe liver injury have not been as fortunate to go home to their families. Argus was hospitalized with intensive care for several days but was ultimately able to return home when all of his liver abnormalities returned to normal.

We would like pet owners to know how to avoid a possible poisoning and how to deal with one if it were to happen. Screen your yard during the wet season; or, if you irrigate your lawns, look for mushrooms every day. Mushrooms like to grow near oak trees, but can be anywhere in your yard. Identifying signs of mushroom poisoning once they start can be tricky. The problem is that after dogs first eat them, they will get an upset stomach and then this resolves. During this time, the toxin remains in their system and though the dog may not be outwardly sick, the toxin is starting to do damage to the liver. By the time the dog presents for medical attention, they may already be in liver failure and saving the dog at that point can be very difficult. Even with our newest treatment options, there are no guarantees. If you suspect that your pet has ingested mushrooms, please contact your veterinarian or have your pet evaluated right away.

We would like to thank Dr. Ryan Goupil for his amazing care of Argus and dedication to the advancement of treatment of Amanita mushroom toxicity in dogs.

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