SAGE Leadership Team

SAGE Leadership Team

Medical Directors


Specialty Medical Director, SAGE Redwood City

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Background and Education:
Veterinary School: University of Georgia
Internship Training: University of Georgia
Residency Training: University of Georgia
Certification: Diplomate ACVIM (2000)

Dr. Diane Roberts is a graduate of the University of Virginia, where she earned a BA in English literature and minored in both biology and religious studies. During her senior year in college, Dr. Roberts realized that her true passion was veterinary medicine and spent a post-grad year at Colorado State University in order to satisfy her vet school prerequisites. She then received her DVM from the University of Georgia’s School of Veterinary Medicine (1996). Dr. Roberts stayed at UGA to complete a small animal internship and an internal medicine residency. She became board certified in internal medicine in 2000 and joined SAGE as a partner in 2002.

Dr. Roberts likes all aspects of internal medicine, but particularly enjoys the challenges of airway conditions, liver and gastrointestinal diseases, and urinary issues. She specializes in interventional procedures that include urethral stenting, laser ablation of urinary tumors, and bladder and kidney stone removal. She also specializes in diagnosing airway diseases and treating these issues through tracheal stenting.

When not practicing, Diane enjoys the great outdoors: hiking, skiing, running, and hanging out on the beach with her dog Sundance, a yellow lab. Sundance spends many a day in the Critical Care Unit keeping morale high. Diane has been known to enjoy an occasional glass of fine wine, surely a nod to her days working in a high-end wine store during her later college years. Dr. Roberts was drawn to veterinary medicine by her positive experience with her own pets growing up: a sheltie and a black cat who provided unconditional love and support.


ER/CCU & Urgent Care Medical Director, SAGE Redwood City

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Background and Education:
Veterinary School: Ross University
Internship Training: Animal Medical Center, New York

Dr. Emily Hanwell received her BS in International Business from the College of Charleston (2001) and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (2011). She completed her 4th year clinical rotations at Texas A&M University (2011). After veterinary school, she completed a small animal medicine and surgery internship at the Animal Medical Center in New York, New York (2012).

Prior to her career in veterinary medicine, Dr. Hanwell worked in purchasing for a local government entity in Charleston, South Carolina and then for an investing company in Boston, Massachusetts. Her decision to change careers was based on her love for working with both people and animals. She especially enjoys emergency medicine due to the challenging and diverse nature of the cases. She has a particular interest in cardiology and toxicology-related emergencies.

When not at the hospital, Dr. Hanwell enjoys traveling, learning new languages, gardening, and spending time outside with her husband and two children. Dr. Hanwell is the proud owner of a mixed-breed, island dog by the name of Bryn.


Specialty Medical Director, SAGE Campbell

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Background and Education:
Veterinary School: Cornell University
Internship Training: Garden State Veterinary Specialists, New Jersey
Residency Training: Cornell University
Certification: Diplomate ACVIM (Oncology) (2008)

Dr. Kiselow is a graduate of Rutgers University in New Jersey, where he earned a BS in Animal Science/Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Mike received his DVM from Cornell University in 2004, and subsequently completed a rotating internship in small animal medicine and surgery at Garden State Veterinary Specialists. Mike then returned to Cornell to complete his medical oncology residency, and became board certified in Internal Medicine (Oncology) in 2008. He joined SAGE Centers that year.

Dr. Kiselow enjoys collaborating with other SAGE specialists in order to provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary treatment for patients with complex diseases. When not practicing, Mike enjoys many activities including hiking, triathlon, snowboarding, yoga, cooking, and live music. Dr. Kiselow’s passion for veterinary medicine also includes volunteer work: while in veterinary school, he traveled to multiple locations in the U.S. and Central America with Rural Area Veterinary Services (RAVS), providing medical attention to pets in underprivileged communities


ER/CCU and Urgent Care Medical Director, SAGE Campbell

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Background and Education:
Veterinary School: University of California, Davis
Internship Training: San Francisco Veterinary Specialists

Dr. Elizabeth (Beth) Kollar is a graduate of UC Davis, where she earned a BS in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior. She received her DVM from UC Davis as well in 2005. Following veterinary school, she completed a small animal rotating internship at San Francisco Veterinary Specialists (2006). Dr. Kollar came to SAGE from the University of Pittsburgh, where she was a post-doctoral fellow at the McGowan Institute of Regenerative Medicine. Prior to the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Kollar was an emergency clinician at Greenback, VCA Brookline, and North Shore Animal Hospitals.
Dr. Kollar particularly enjoys the challenges of emergency medicine and surgery. When not practicing, Beth enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter doing outdoor activities like hiking or biking. They also travel around the world for scuba diving vacations and bike trips. She is the proud owner of two dogs, Merlin and Bodhi, and a cat, Princess Buttercup. Beth was drawn to veterinary medicine by both her interest in science and love of animals.


Medical Director, SAGE Dublin

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Background and Education:
Veterinary School: Iowa State University
Internship Training: Cornell University
Residency Training: Cornell University
Certification: Diplomate ACVIM (Cardiology) (2011)

Dr. Andrew Waxman attended Cornell University, where he majored in policy analysis and management and found his calling to veterinary medicine after graduating. He received his DVM from Iowa State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine (2007). Dr. Waxman then returned to Cornell University and completed a small animal medicine and surgery internship, and then continued on to complete a residency in cardiology. Dr. Waxman became a board certified cardiologist in 2011.

Dr. Waxman particularly enjoys the challenges of diagnosing and treating structural heart disease (heart muscle or valves), irregular heart rhythms, and congenital heart disease. He has exceptional skill in performing minimally invasive cardiac procedures such as pacemaker implantation or opening narrowed heart valves. While cats and dogs are the norm, he has been known to treat an occasional goat, rabbit, hedgehog, or ferret when one demands his expertise. When not practicing, Andrew enjoys spending time with his wife and young daughter.


ER/CCU & Urgent Care Medical Director, SAGE Concord

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Background and Education:
Veterinary School: University of California, Davis
Internship Training: Veterinary Specialty Hospital; San Diego, CA

Dr. Gerardo Martin del Campo received a B.S. in Animal Science from UC Davis in 1996, and continued at Davis for veterinary school, receiving his DVM in 2000. After finishing vet school, Dr. Martin del Campo completed a rotating small animal internship in medicine, surgery, neurology, and emergency at Veterinary Specialty Hospital of San Diego. He has worked as an emergency clinician in the Bay Area since 2001. Dr. Martin del Campo enjoys the unpredictability and variety of emergency medicine, and the challenges those things provide.

When he’s not in the hospital, his interests include spending time with my wife and son, fishing, and golfing. He’s the proud owner of: Fenway, an 8-year-old Boston terrier, Wolfie, a 2-year-old miniature schnauzer mix, and Cherry, a 5-month-old Chihuahua. All three dogs were rescues he encountered while working.


Specialty Medical Director, SAGE Concord

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Background and Education:
Veterinary School: Colorado State University
Internship Training: All-Care Animal Referral Center, Fountain Valley, CA; North Carolina State University
Residency Training: University of California, Davis
Certification: Diplomate ACVIM (2006)

Dr. Jennifer Strasser is a graduate of the University of New Mexico, where she earned a BS in Biology. She received her DVM from Colorado State University (2001). Dr. Strasser completed an internship in small animal medicine and surgery at All-Care Animal Referral Center in Fountain Valley, CA (2002), as well as an internship in small animal medicine and surgery at North Carolina State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine (2003). Dr. Strasser also completed an internal medicine residency at the University of California, Davis (2005). She became board certified in internal medicine in 2006. Just recently, Dr. Strasser became certified in veterinary acupuncture (2020) Before joining SAGE, Dr. Strasser spent several years in private practice in Albuquerque, Seattle, and the SF Bay Area.

Dr. Strasser particularly enjoys the challenges of gastrointestinal, endocrine, and urinary tract diseases, and the diagnostic capabilities of endoscopy and ultrasound. When not practicing, Jennifer enjoys yoga, sailing, camping, skiing, and spending quality time with her family. She is the proud owner of two chocolate labs, who also happen to be her favorite hiking companions.


Medical Director, Yakima Pet Emergency Service & Mid-Columbia Pet Emergency Services 

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Medical Director, Veterinary Specialists of Alaska 

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Dr. Edwards has called Alaska home since 1980. He has enjoyed working with Alaskan veterinarians and pet owners since completion of his professional veterinary training in 1996. During that time he has focused his efforts to work closely with each pet family to determine and provide the optimal treatment for each patient and each family.

Upon graduation from the Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1992  Dr. Edwards completed a one-year internship in small animal medicine and surgery at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital in Denver Colorado. He then returned to Colorado State University for a three-year residency in small animal surgery. During this residency program Dr. Edwards received specialized training in orthopedic, soft tissue, oncologic, and neurosurgery. He conducted research on total hip replacement in dogs and on the construction and use of pins made from cortical bone to be used for fracture repair. 

At the completion of his training in 1996, Dr. Edwards returned to Alaska, established his practice originally known as Alaska Veterinary Surgical Services, and became the first Alaskan surgeon to offer tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO) as treatment for ruptured cranial cruciate ligaments in dogs. He has implemented this technique successfully for the past 22 years. He attained Diplomate status in the American College of Veterinary Surgeons by successful completion of the specialty board examination in 1999.  His primary clinical interest is orthopedic surgery including treatment for dogs with ruptured cruciate ligaments, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and fractures. He enjoys the opportunity to work with each patient and pet family to provide the optimal treatment plan suited for each lifestyle and each situation.

Outside of work, Dr. Edwards enjoys all that the Alaska wilderness has to offer.  He enjoys running, hiking, skiing, rafting, and packrafting with his girlfriend, his daughters and his Labrador retriever.

Leadership Team


Chief Executive Officer

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Gina Del Vecchio has led the transformation of multiple founder groups in evolving their business and becoming the uncontested leader in their market.  Gina has a passion for building unique competitive advantages that benefit the consumer, the employee, and the shareholders. Cultivation of trust across all stakeholders and the development of sustainable leadership is a primary focus with the underlying goal of driving exceptional shareholder value.

An experienced operator, Gina has led complex global supply chain operations as well as fast same store organic growth and accretive acquisition drives. A parent to three Chihuahuas, two rats, one kitten, and a human six-year old, Gina supports a number of rescues organizations especially those that focus on spay and neuter programs and ending financial euthanasia. A graduate of Reed College, and the Sustainable Business MBA Program at Green Mountain College, Gina concentrates doing good things in the world by doing good things through business. The opportunity to take a leadership role in the growth and transformation of SAGE Veterinary Centers fulfills a lifelong dream for Gina, and she is inspired daily by the esprit de corp and heart of the team at SAGE – a team well on its way to becoming the Mayo Clinic of the veterinary space.



Chief Medical Officer

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Background and Education:
Veterinary School: University of California, Davis
Internship Training: University of Missouri-Columbia
Residency Training: University of Missouri-Columbia
Certification: Diplomate ACVIM (Oncology) (2008)

Dr. Wendi Rankin is a graduate of UC Davis, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Science (2002) and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (2004). She completed her Master of Science degree in Veterinary Biomedical Sciences (2008) for researching a protein in canine bladder tumors at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Dr. Rankin also completed a small animal medicine and surgery internship and oncology residency at the University of Missouri-Columbia (2008). She was board-certified in Medical Oncology in 2008 and joined SAGE that year. She has published several research articles on canine bladder tumors, as well as a chapter on drug interactions in a veterinary oncology textbook.

Dr. Rankin enjoys many aspects of oncology, and has a special interest in electrochemotherapy to treat various tumor types (including sarcomas, melanomas, mast cell tumors, oral tumors, and more). She was the first oncologist to use electrochemotherapy for veterinary patients in California and has been doing so since 2013. While she is very interested in the science of Oncology, above all, Dr. Rankin’s favorite aspect of oncology is being able to give treatment options so clients feel comfortable with their treatment decisions to improve and maintain their pet’s quality of life.


Chief Strategy Officer

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Background and Education:
Veterinary School: University of California, Davis
Internship Training: North Carolina State University
Residency Training: University of Georgia
Certification: Diplomate ACVS (1997)

A highly respected member of the veterinary community, Julie works directly with SAGE Partners and the executive and leadership teams to chart the course of growth across our state-of-the-art veterinary hospitals.

Julie started as an Associate Surgeon for VSA in August 1997. Through the years, she was instrumental in the direction and growth of the organization to include the merger of the practices formerly known as VSA (Veterinary Surgical Associates), VMS (Veterinary Medical Specialists) and TVAEC (Tri-Valley Animal Emergency Center) to become the single organization known today as SAGE Veterinary Centers.

Julie became a Managing Partner for SAGE Veterinary Centers in 2010. She served as our Medical Director from 2013 to 2018. In her role as Medical Director and board certified Surgeon, Dr. Smith led by example in setting the standards for a high level of veterinary medicine. She was responsible for recruiting and hiring highly skilled veterinary specialists to join the SAGE team and has always been an advocate for continual learning and training opportunities. Internally, she oversees the mentoring program within SAGE to support new doctors and externally, she leads and organizes the annual SAGE Symposium, the largest private continuing education event in the Bay Area to support more than 700 primary veterinarians and their staff.

Dr. Smith works with national veterinary groups to stay connected with the veterinary industry as a whole. She is the Treasurer for the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS), and Past President of the Veterinary Specialist Awareness and Outreach Project (Collaborative Care Coalition). In 2017 Dr. Smith was recognized for the impact she has made within the veterinary services industry and received the annual Silicon Valley Business Journal – Women of Influence Award. Dr. Smith is one of nine veterinarians across the country on the AVMA’s Veterinary Economic Strategy Committee (VESC), where she assists in advising the AVMA Board the scope of economic issues effecting veterinary medicine, and currently holds the At-large designation. 

When Julie is not busy with work, she is either traveling the world, learning more about California wine appellations, playing soccer with the “Grasshoppers” on the Bay Area Women’s Soccer League or serving on the Leadership Council for the Positive Coaching Alliance!



Chief Operating Officer / Chief Financial Officer 

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In his combined role as Chief Financial and Chief Operating Officer, Peter is responsible for building leading operational, financial and other functional teams and processes in support of SAGE’s doctors, clinical teams and mission to deliver and expand its delivery of the highest quality patient care. 

Peter comes to SAGE with decades of diverse financial and operations experience.  He brings a strong, consistent track record of scaling organizations and executing combined organic and acquisition driven growth strategies for both public and private companies, start ups to established national and international companies, across a range of service industries.  He most recently served as CFO for Sound Physicians, a national physician practice management organization focused on improving the quality of care and lowering cost in the communities it serves.  While at Sound, Peter led and contributed to significant growth and administrative practice support initiatives to enable scalable growth.  Prior to that, Peter was CFO for a private equity backed energy services start up successfully building and scaling the organization during his tenure.  He started his financial career as an investment banker at Credit Suisse, where he advised clients in all varieties of strategic financing and mergers & acquisitions activities, before moving on to hold various leadership roles within Willbros Group, an energy infrastructure services firm.

Peter holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a BA from Trinity University.


Chief Development Officer

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Brooks Marshall specializes in leading organizational transformation through partnerships and acquisitions that benefit industries, companies, and the community at large. His experience is diverse, spanning corporate development, and corporate and investment banking and finance. Brooks has served in leadership roles in human healthcare organizations that include U.S. HealthWorks, where he oversaw expansion at a critical time in the company’s history. He also led acquisition processes at InSight Health Corp., a company that provides diagnostic imaging services to patients in clinical and hospital settings, and his vision led to a more expansive market strategy and growth initiatives.

At SAGE, Brooks is focused on the next phase of growth for our network of hospitals. He is committed to seeking partnerships in veterinary medicine with like-minded organizations that value a doctor-led, medicine first approach. And, he has a deep respect for the people and the culture of all organizations and extensive experience in preserving the legacy of unique practices.

In his free time, Brooks enjoys hiking and exploring the wild with his wife Kami, children Otis and Schuyler, and French Bulldog Pirate. He also enjoys traveling and abstract photography.


Vice President, Operations

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Sherri Boismenu is the Vice President of Operations for the SAGE community of hospitals and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of operations and procurement. Sherri works with SAGE’s staff to improve and enhance access for patients and referring primary veterinarians.

Sherri joined SAGE in 2018. She was promoted to Director, Network Operations in 2018 and served in that role until being promoted to Vice President of Operations in early 2019. Sherri brings an extensive background in developing and leading cross functional teams, enhancing the client experience and strategic business planning.

Sherri has worked extensively in leadership positions in operations and procurement throughout her career in both world class brands and, fast growth startups here in the Bay Area.

Her previous successes include working as a multi-unit leader at Starbucks, a National Account Manager at Waterford Crystal, and a Buyer for Petco and Macy’s. She is a graduate of UCLA and enjoys coaching, training, and mentoring and she strives to build successful teams. 

In her free time, Sherri enjoys getting outside with her husband Richard and daughter Zoë for a bit of adventure. Her family also includes two Labradoodles, Lucy and Luna.


Vice President, Finance

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Brian McIntosh is the Vice President of Finance for the SAGE network of hospitals. He oversees our accounting and finance team as well as our banking and insurance relationships, and he works with our strategic partner Chicago Pacific Founders on acquisition due diligence projects. Before moving to his current role, Brian was SAGE’s Controller.

Brian grew up in the Midwest and attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he earned Bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Psychology. After college he headed to New York City and took an accounting job in the Accounts Receivables department of an executive search firm. He moved to San Francisco in 1999 and continued to develop his career in finance at marketing, advertising and media corporations. In 2001 he moved to PMI Mortgage Insurance Co., where he started as an accountant and rose through the organization, eventually serving as Director of Internal Audit. During his tenure at PMI, Brian decided to go back to school – he earned his Masters of Accountancy from Golden Gate University in 2008. He stayed in the mortgage and banking industries for about 12 years and then took a very different role as a Finance Consultant working with a range of companies. After several years of consulting he heard about SAGE and was intrigued by the opportunity to do the work he enjoyed and help animals at the same time.

In his free time, Brian enjoys spending time with his wife Tess, son Jake and daughter Riley. The family recently got their first dog, Henry, a cute Bichon Frise.

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