Polo & Rescue

Polo & Rescue

SAGE Concord
Department: Oncology/Integrative
Service/Procedure: Tumor Removal, Laser Treatments, and Acupuncture
Polo, my rescue, brindle, pit mix, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer on his ear flap in 2009. Dr. Wendi Rankin and her staff at Dublin Sage helped Polo battle cancer successfully for over a decade. Dr. Raykin and her staff made sure I had a full understanding of what the treatment plan was and what to expect. They provided Polo with a quality of life and made it possible for us to grow old together. When we decided to stop chemo Polo and I transferred our care to Dr. Mickie McCabe and her staff at Sage in Concord. Integrative treatments became our path. Acupuncture, laser treatments, herbs, and magnetic beds. Polo and I were always treated with such care and Polos quality of life was always the priority. Polo lost his battle with cancer on Oct. 23, 2018. Polo was just over 15 years old. We had a wonderful life together, I miss him so much. I know I was blessed to have had the quality care for Polo from Sage that extended his life. After Polos passing I was overwhelmed with support from Polos doctors. Flowers, cards, phone calls and words of encouragement helped me during this time of loss. Rescue, who is 20 years young, is now battling cancer, an all too familiar road for us. Again Dr. Micki McCabe and her staff are there for us. Many hugs and tears have been shared during Polo and Rescues care at Sage. That’s what makes Sage in Dublin and Concord unique and special we are just one big caring, supportive family.
Polo and Rescue loved spending time together as their photo depicts.

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