Pet Tales

Pet Tales

I have a 155 pound Great Dan who loves boxes. He particularly likes to tear them apart and eat whatever he finds inside. Last Monday, he got into the garage and consumed 2 boxes of rat poison. My husband and I were at work and then had a concert performance on Monday night. We didn’t get home until nearly midnight. I found the boxes when I took Duke outside. We have no idea what time he might have consumed his “feast.” We immediately took him to SAGE.. They were wonderful. Dr. Mayfield was his vet at intake. They talked to us calmly and non-judgmentally. They induced vomiting but there wasn’t much in his tummy other than his dog food. While waiting for him to vomit, he defecated and it was bright green—an indication that the poison had made it’s way through his digestive tract. They recommended that he stay at SAGE and they would begin an intense regimen of activated charcoal.
For the next two days, I called multiple times and went to visit Duke. He’s too big for a kennel so he was literally in the middle of the floor in their work area. They were great about letting me visit—even allowing me to be with him when he wouldn’t get up so they could move him to one of the exam rooms. They kept me informed about his vitals and his progress and calmed my fears.
We brought Duke home yesterday. He’s getting around with a little help from his “Help Me Up” harness – a requirement since he weighs more than I do. But he’s up and about and clearly gaining strength.
Dr. Christine Wong was his vet during the day and she was the one I spoke to most often.
Thanks SAGE team. You literally saved Duke’s life and I’m eternally grateful to you for that. The vet techs, the receptionists, the vets – every one of you helped us make it through this crisis and I can’t say enough good about all of you.
So many, many thanks.
– Pam

When in the Bay Area with my dog Booda in December 2016, he became ill with some intestinal issues. Since our regular vet was in Tucson and he needed an ultrasound… SAGE was recommended by the local pet hospital after their x-rays could not rule out a perforation or foreign object blockage. The staff was amazing! The reception staff was kind and efficient, the vet assistant was kind and empathetic with my very emotional self, and Dr. Blanchong was quick to list all the options following the exam. Fortunately Booda only had to stay overnight after the ultrasound and was sent home with a supply of his veterinary diet. Dr. Bruskiewicz discharged us the following morning and let me know what to watch for and about Booda’s condition. Nothing but top-notch people there from start to finish.
And then in June 2017 while visiting again, my son’s dog Nala (who is an avid grass eater) was acting as though she needed to vomit and couldn’t. I did not hesitate to go to SAGE first this time. Following x-rays, the doctor explained the real deal about dogs and grass-eating issues. She came home after her prescription and paperwork was ready. The support staff again was attentive, reassuring, and wonderful. Thank you from our family for the health of two members of it!
– Gina

Our dog Lexie was hit by a car in front of our house… She suffered major injuries: broken pelvis, hip socket was pulverized, fractured jaw, major gash on her head, other cuts and lacerations and multiple contusions, bruises and road rash. She had been dragged 20 feet then run over by the front and rear tires according to an eyewitness. After performing emergency triage, our vet told us to go to SAGE.
We were met by Dr. Lin, who was very competent and compassionate to our needs. She got Lexie settled in and told us that Lexie would probably be having surgery the next day. Note: The injury was initially diagnosed as a broken femur due to a poor x-ray. The next day I talked to Dr. Angela Banz. She explained the injury was a fractured pelvis not the femur bone. She thought Lexie’s surgery would last about 3 to 3.5 hours. It turned out the damage was much worse than originally thought. Dr. Banz operated on Lexie for close to 6+ hours! Along with putting a plate on the pelvic bone she also performed an OPD (removed top of the femur bone) and set the fractured jaw by wiring it shut.
– God Bless you, John, Wendy and Lexie!!

I want to say thank you!
Thank you to the SAGE staff and in particular to Dr. Ming Lui. My wife and I brought our boy Odin into SAGE at the direction of our Primary DVM. Dr. Lui had the misfortune of having to tell us our boy was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma. Dr. Lui was incredibly kind, informative, and compassionate. He spent a great deal of time with my wife and me, describing the issue and outlining the situation, prognosis and answering all of our questions. We spent the last few hours of our boy Odin’s life in a very comfortable room and when the time came to say our ultimate good-bye, Dr. Lui was by our side to usher Odin over to the Rainbow Bridge. I cannot thank you enough Dr. Lui for your outstanding care and compassion, and for reaching out to us during our grief.
– Anthony

So often customers are willing to complain about services, however, I want to take the time to offer my compliments and praise to the staff at SAGE. It was two months ago that I brought in my dog Gracie Mae, who was 13 years old and had many health issues. She was a very sick dog, couldn’t stand on her own, and the staff came to the car and put her on a gurney so she could be comfortable. After Dr. Krentz examined her, as much as he tried to deliver the news with compassion and possible treatments, I knew the right thing to do was to let her go, which he understood and agreed… this helped me to feel better about my decision. The staff allowed me to be with her during the process, had a special room, treated us with such sensitivity and respect for my wishes. Those who have had to go through this understand how difficult it is, because we love our pets. In addition, the staff made a lovely memento of her paw as a keepsake. I appreciate the professional manner, the level of sensitivity and compassion from the staff including, Dr. Krentz, Jeannette, Diana and Jessie. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
– Brenda

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