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Home Care How To

These videos demonstrate common home care procedures for dogs and cats.

Managing a Urinary Catheter
This 3.5-minute video shows you how to care for a urinary catheter and draw urine.

How to Give Subcutaneous Fluids to a Dog
This 3-minute video shows you how to give subcutaneous fluids to a dog.

How to Put a Harness on a Dog
This 3-minute video demonstrates how to put a Help ‘Em Up Harness on a dog and how to use it.

How to Give Liquid Medications to a Cat
This 2-minute video demonstrates how to draw medications, wrap a cat for best results, and administer liquid medications.

How to Give a Cat a Pill
This 2-minute video demonstrates two ways to give a cat a pill, as well as how to wrap a cat for best results.

Pet Tales

These are the stories of the animals in our lives and how we are helping them.

This is Bacon
You may know Bacon from his job working the front desk at SAGE Redwood City. We spoke to Dr. Heidi McClain, about his treatments for osteosarcoma and his progress.

Bacon Update
Since we shared Bacon’s story of being treated for osteosarcoma, he has received many cards and notes wishing him well. Here is an update on his progress.

Bacon Update – May 2018
People have been asking about Bacon, the hard-working staff member at SAGE Redwood City. Here is an update on how he’s doing.

Go Rocky!
Meet Rocky, an adorable, 12-year-old Pug who gets treatments at SAGE Concord for degenerative joint disease and breathing issues.

SAGE Commercials

Our commercials are a snapshot of who we are and our work in Oncology, Surgery and Emergency/Critical Care.

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