Payment Options and Insurance

Payment Options and Insurance

Payment Options

  • SAGE accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Care Credit, Cash and Checks as payment for services.
  • Post-dated and pre-dated checks cannot be accepted at any time.
  • An initial payment of the low end of the estimate of services to be provided is due prior to the start of treatment unless the patient is in a life threatening situation. When a client chooses to pay with Care Credit, they are not required to pay the low end of the estimate prior to the start of service.
  • Payment for services and/or any balance due is required to be paid in full at the time of release.
  • SAGE does not accept the promise of pet insurance payment as payment for services rendered. Clients are responsible for all payments to the hospital, and may seek reimbursement from their insurance provider if so covered.


Obtaining insurance coverage for unexpected emergencies is something we all know, whether the insurance is to cover your home, your car, your health and even your life. Protecting your family’s financial future with health insurance to cover medical emergencies has become the norm. With more and more pets becoming part of the American family, protecting our four-legged friends has also become a priority. Pet medical insurance provides this much needed coverage for medical injuries, diseases, examinations and accidents.
The cost of health care has continued through the years and this is a fact that is mirrored in the rising cost of pet care. Sadly, pets are not immune from chronic diseases or accidents just like their two-legged counterparts. Keeping our pets healthy is becoming more expensive and this includes routine examinations.
Most pet medical insurance have two basic options. The first is a base plan that provides coverage for medical illnesses, accidents or injuries. Another option is coverage for regular checkups and all major expenses. Some pet insurance companies offer wellness plans that specialize in providing discounts for routine care. There are even pet medical insurance plans that offer the same coverage for alternative treatments such as pet acupuncture. Just like any type of insurance policy, the quality of coverage depends on its premium. Your pet’s age will be a major factor in determining the amount of premium paid. Getting your pet enrolled as early as possible ensures that you get the best deal while making sure that they are always on top of their health, as the majority of insurance almost never cover a pre-existing medical condition.
SAGE does not endorse any particular insurance plan or company over another. We suggest you discuss insurance options with your primary veterinarian and/or research for the best coverage you can afford and are comfortable with. Please make sure you research insurance for companion animals as equine and other livestock insurance is different. And, pet insurance is not liability insurance as it does not cover injuries to others sustained due to dog or cat bites.

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