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Industry consolidation doesn’t have to mean disruption or less focus on medicine. Staying independent doesn’t have to be so lonely either. At SAGE, our community of hospitals is first and foremost, doctor led, with emphasis on the medicine.

We want like-minded professionals, like yourself, to join our community of hospitals and help us provide compassionate, world class veterinary medicine. SAGE remains committed to hiring top doctors, technicians and staff to create the best outcomes and deliver the most compassionate care to pets and their people. This approach has been part of our growth strategy, corporate culture and community outreach since Day 1.

Interested in learning more? Contact a team member today at (925) 288-4836 or (833) 839-7243 or send us a message.

The Process

From our initial conversation, we will work to understand your goals and aspirations and tailor our approach around them.

We aim to make your partnership exploration the best experience possible. We understand that you have many different priorities and we’ll strive to meet them.

The decision can be very personal and each situation is unique, so after reviewing your practice’s financials, we can arrive at a more informed discussion around achieving the best outcome for you.

We understand that planning for a positive integration experience is paramount to any partnership and we’ll always work to ensure that the doctors and the staff are happy with a smooth transition.

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Brooks Marshall – Chief Development Officer.

What’s in it for You?

When you partner with us, you can expect:

Clinical autonomy and unwavering organizational focus on clinical excellence

Long-term commitment to serving your local community

Camaraderie among collaborative, dedicated clinicians

Growth opportunities for your entire team

A true work-life balance allowing for higher quality of life, including time off without being on-call

Shared services including training, operations assistance, accounting, HR, recruiting, IT and marketing, to help you elevate your productivity

What Our Partners Are Saying!


Adobe Animal Hospital - Brian Maxwell, DVM

“After 50 years as an independent veterinary hospital, the leadership of Adobe decided it was time for us to find a partner to help us move forward in the ever changing dynamic of our industry. We wanted to choose a partner that would work along side us to maintain the business and culture that many of us have dedicated our whole working careers to building. SAGE has been a highly respected referral partner for Adobe for many years, when the opportunity presented itself for us to partner with SAGE to build a larger organization with the same goals, ideals and values that we built our business around, we knew it was the right time to make the decision. The partnership with SAGE has been everything we hoped it would be and more. None of us could have foreseen the changes in the world that have occurred recently, without our partnership with SAGE we would have been left alone to try to navigate all of the hurdles of protecting our staff and business while still trying to serve our clients needs. The resources and assistance that the SAGE team brings to the table have been critical to helping us survive these challenging times. We are looking forward to continuing to being a part of this very unique group of hospitals. Together we are building a group that will stand apart from the pack and the legacy of Adobe will live on.”

Preserve the clinical culture that has made your practice successful and cement your practice’s legacy in your community!

Interested in learning more? Contact a team member today at (925) 288-4836 or (833) 839-7243 or send us a message.


All of us within the SAGE Community of Hospitals remain focused on improving the lives of pets and their people – 24/7/365 – we are here for you during these unprecedented times.

When you partner with SAGE, you become part of a larger network of hospitals dedicated to improving the lives of pets and their people. The team at SAGE Veterinary Centers has dedicated resources towards helping our hospital partners continue to provide veterinary care for their patients in the community while simultaneously protecting the health and safety of their employees.  We’ve put a lot of horsepower into policies and procedures that have been implemented across all our hospitals. “The health and safety of SAGE employees, its Community of Hospitals, and pet parents are our top priority,” said Michelle Richards, MPH, CIH, CSP, CHMM, Director of Safety and Wellness. “We continue to adhere to all OSHA regulations, County Public Health Agency ordinances, as well as CDC recommendations. Our people are our greatest asset at SAGE, and they have been tremendous partners with continued collaboration and engagement on the policies and procedures implemented during this unprecedented time.”

SAGE is committed to supporting our doctors and hospital managers, allowing our doctors to focus on what they do best – practicing quality medicine. Our SAGE partners join a community dedicated to delivering the highest quality of care to our patients, leading to optimal patient outcomes and industry leading client confidence and satisfaction levels. At SAGE, compassion and excellence is at the heart of what we do because we believe that animals – and their people – are amazing.

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