Our Emergency Services

Our Emergency Services

aboutsage-sageWhen your pet experiences sudden injury or illness, time is of the essence. Since 2013, SAGE has offered 24-hour emergency care in each of our facilities. Because you never can predict when a veterinarian will be needed, we have veterinarians and technicians available around the clock to provide care to patients in need.
Our emergency teams are comprised of seasoned doctors who have dedicated themselves to the field of emergency medicine. Several have also completed 3-year residencies in emergency and critical care. While emergency situations can be stressful, you can be assured that your pet is in very qualified hands.
What constitutes an emergency?
It can be difficult to know what is and is not an emergency. Though this is not an exhaustive list, any of the following are reasons to call or come in to see us.
· Changes or difficulty in breathing
· Bleeding
· Straining to urinate
· Distended or bloated abdomen
· Persistent vomiting or diarrhea
· Convulsion/loss of balance
· Pain, discomfort, or lameness
· Exposure to any chemical or toxins
· Straining or difficulty delivering puppies or kittens
· Trembling or shaking
· Any changes in behavior or actions that just don’t feel right in your mind.

SAGE Self-Service PortalNeed to make an appointment, request medical records, leave a message for your medical team, or complete a RX refill request?

Your requests and inquiries will then be sent to our client service team who will be in touch with you within 24-72 hours, depending on the request. Our SAGE Self-Service Portal helps reduce high call volumes, hold times, and provides our pet parents the added convenience of digital capabilities to get in touch with us versus calling in.

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