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Can my pet get Tetanus? If so, what happens?

When we think about tetanus, we think about stepping on a rusty nail and running to the nearest ER/Urgent Care to be seen for treatment and to receive a tetanus shot. But when it comes to both dogs and cats, it’s relatively uncommon in both species. Dogs...

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Gabby & Nala

Feels Good Friday! Today we share a feels good moment about one of our Redwood City Pet Parents... Meet Gabby and Nala the two best of friends. Nala is a 14-year-old rescue from the SPCA. Over the past few years, Nala has not been doing well with many trips to her vet...

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I Found a Lump on My Pet! Is it Cancerous? What Should I Do?

By: Jason Kidd, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology) - SAGE Concord Finding a new lump or bump on your beloved pet can be distressing. Many new lumps will prove to be benign but any new skin mass or mass under the skin should be evaluated by your family vet. In general, it is best...

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Chemotherapy – What My Pet and I Should Expect?

By: Ashley Bennett DVM, DACVIM (Oncology) - SAGE Dublin After learning that a beloved pet has cancer, one of the scariest things to consider is whether or not chemotherapy may be involved in the treatment plan.  Sadly, many of the families that I meet with have gone...

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What Do Dogs and Cats See?

Ever wonder what dogs and cats see? Dr. Gwen Lynch of Veterinary Vision a SAGE Network Partner will walk us through exactly what your 4-legged friend sees. To understand the visual function involves a combination of many factors, including: the field of view, depth...

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Antivenom Vs. The Rattlesnake Vaccine

What's the difference?  Recently at our REI Lectures on "Wilderness First Aid for Dogs", we have been receiving many inquiries regarding antivenom and the rattlesnake vaccine... To provide more insight, one of our long-time ER Doctors, Dr. Mary Ellen...

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Summer Pet Safety Tips

Rising temperatures are hitting the Bay Area and SAGE wants to help keep your pets healthy and safe with these Summer Safety Tips!  #1: Pets should be kept indoors during extreme heat. Start planning your outdoor activities with your pets during the cooler parts of...

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please wear a face covering when coming to SAGE. County health officials have ordered everyone to wear face coverings when out in public and visiting essential businesses.  This is for the safety of you, our team members, and community. Thank you! 

As we continue to monitor the situation of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are taking steps to help protect the health and well-being of our pet parents, partners, and team members.

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