SAGE Campbell
Department: Neurology, Oncology, & Rehabilitation
Service/Procedure: Surgery to remove spinal cord tumor, radiation therapy and rehab
Mico had always been an extremely active and athletic Australian Cattle Dog. In fall of 2017, Mico went to see Dr. Vitale because he had been dragging his hind feet a little, and had a mysterious left front leg limp. He had an MRI and Dr. Vitale diagnosed him with a spinal cord tumor at his 7th cervical vertebrae in his neck. She did surgery to remove as much of the tumor as possible. The tumor was a menigioma. Some of the tumor was left behind in order to not cause more permanent damage to his spinal cord. Once he healed from surgery, he then was treated by Dr. Kiselow and the Pet Cure Oncology team with radiation therapy, to try to shrink the remaining part of the tumor. During this time, he was also treated by the amazing crew in the Rehabilitation department. They helped get Mico up and walking quickly, helped him re-learn to balance, use his muscles, and build up his core strength. Mico’s treatment was an amazing team effort. Because of this wonderful collaborative approach at Sage, he received all the care he needed at one facility, and was able to return to his athletic, adventuresome, and active self quickly. It’s been a year and a half, and he’s still going strong!

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