Katherine Roehl, DVM

Katherine Roehl, DVM

Dr. Katherine Roehl is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine who works in Urgent Care.

Dr. Roehl has always had an affinity with animals ever since she was young—so much so that she never considered any other career other than being a veterinarian.

Dr. Roehl enjoys meeting all kinds of patients and does her best to help them in all possible ways. She believes that seemingly small treatments can have immensely positive impact on an animal’s quality of life. Dr. Roehl enjoys the variety cases and challenges that the field of Urgent Care brings along with the opportunities to learn when she collaboratives with specialists.

In her free time, Dr. Roehl enjoy traveling and volunteering at wildlife centers abroad. She also regularly rides her horse and hikes with her dogs. She fully enjoys the time she spends with her dogs, chinchilla, a lovebird, cats and her horse.

Dr. Roehl graduated earned her DVM degree from the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine. She’s also currently working on her Master of Science in Conservation Medicine.


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