Sophie Dennison, Board-Certified Radiologist and SAGE Partner

Sophie Dennison, Board-Certified Radiologist and SAGE Partner

Dr. Dennison performs ultrasound, radiography, CT, and MRI, providing noninvasive evaluations of the internal organs and allowing abnormalities to be identified and characterized. In many cases, the appropriate application of these scientific methods means that unnecessary surgery may be avoided.

Dr. Dennison states, “I love the hands-on approach of ultrasound services. I enjoy all aspects of diagnostic imaging and believe in employing state-of-the-art technology to achieve the most efficient and appropriate imaging for the accurate diagnosis of the individual patient.”

As Medical Director of Specialty Services, Dr. Dennison provides guidance, oversight, and quality assurance for patients under the care of the board-certified specialists at SAGE SF. She promotes ongoing education of specialists to ensure that practices are based on the newest research and technology. She uses her broad range of expertise to work with the team of specialists to develop the appropriate treatment plan for optimal care.

A native of the UK, Dr. Dennison received her veterinary training at the University of Edinburgh. She completed her radiology residency at the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine and achieved board certification in Small Animal Radiology in 2009.

Skilled in the diagnostic imaging of domestic, avian, and marine mammal species, she is widely published and consults locally, nationally, and internationally on cross-sectional imaging cases.

When not working, Dr. Dennison enjoys skiing, playing ice hockey, and hiking. She also loves watching British TV and hanging out with her two cavaliers, Brie and Devon.

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