SAGE Campbell

Department: Oncology

Service/Procedure: Brain Radiation

My 5-year-old corgi, Gizmo, is my absolute best friend and it broke my heart at the beginning of this year when I received the diagnosis that she had brain cancer. The state she was in when I brought her into SAGE was dire. She wasn’t able to walk, she was lethargic and in so much pain. She was having regular grand mal seizures and I was told that without treatment that her health would steadily decline until she would lose all mobility. I was losing her and I just wasn’t ready to say goodbye. SAGE gave me hope! They were incredibly informative about her options and proactive with checking in with me about her status even before we started radiation treatment. I opted to have her brain tumor treated aggressively as that would be her only hope for a normal life. I am so happy to say that in the few months after her treatment she is back to normal. She doesn’t have any more seizures. She is incredibly full of energy and back to being the forever puppy that she was before her cancer. Although the treatment didn’t cure her… but it did rid her of pain and gave me more time to enjoy her company. I am so incredibly fortunate to have found SAGE. They gave me my best friend back and I will forever be grateful.

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