Treating a California Condor with The Oakland Zoo

“A7,” the young female California Condor, came from the Yurok Tribe condor facility near Eureka, where the team is preparing to release her back into the wild. Unfortunately, this bird developed an infection on the left side of her face and was brought to Oakland Zoo for treatment.
X-rays weren’t giving our veterinary staff enough information, and they don’t have our own CT machine. Luckily, our team at SAGE Veterinary Centers in Redwood City was able to help out! 
Everyone is happy to report nothing serious was found during the scans, and Dr. Herman removed what appeared to be a bone fragment — probably from something A7 had eaten, since condors eat lots of animal carcasses whole. Like a tortilla chip when you bite into it the wrong way, this bone fragment had lodged A7’s cheek and caused an infection.
A7 is being brought back to the Condor Recovery Center at the Oakland Zoo, and hopefully she’ll improve quickly and be transported back north to prepare for her upcoming release back into the wild! 
What an incredible day!

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