Thank you, SAGE Veterinary Technicians!

RVT Char Deshazier cares for a pet in the Critical Care Unit at SAGE Campbell.

We’re grateful for your care
and hard work

Every year, we celebrate National Veterinary Technicians Week at SAGE and take time to applaud the staff that works side by side with our veterinarians and customer service coordinators to ensure our patients receive the best care available. SAGE vet techs and assistants interact with each of the 40,000 pets we see each year. They assist our veterinarians on the clinical floor and in the operating room, and they monitor pets’ medical treatment during their hospital stay. On the human side, they speak with pet parents to gather information about symptoms and answer questions about treatment. When it’s time for pets to go home, veterinary technicians provide pet owners with instructions on how to care for their pet after they leave the hospital.
At SAGE, vet techs and assistants also play a big role in raising community awareness about the top-quality care that is available to pets. You will often see them volunteering at pet-friendly events across the Bay Area. Some of them have even started their own rescue organizations and use their skills to help animals, even in their off time.
The American Veterinary Medical Association says that “personal attributes that contribute to a successful career as a veterinary technician in clinical practice include a strong science background, an ability to work well with people and animals, and good communication and decision-making skills.” It’s all that and more. We thank our veterinary technicians and assistants for bringing all of these attributes to work each day, and for their care and compassion that makes SAGE such a special place for animals.
Here are a few snapshots of SAGE veterinary technicians in action:

Senior Veterinary Assistant Gina Ledgister and RVT Jessica Castro get ready to feed an armful of kittens at SAGE Concord. Gina Ledgister is also Vice President of East Bay Animal Rescue and Refuge (EBARR), a non-profit organization that rescued about 300 dogs and cats in 2018.[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third]
SAGE Dublin RVTs Janelle Maes, Shera Argo and Kim Fingerle volunteer at the SAGE table at the 2018 Bay Area Pet Fair. During their shift they spoke to hundreds of pet owners and helped raise awareness about the care that is available across all of our hospitals.[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third_end]
RVT Ria Do assists SAGE Redwood City surgeon Dr. Leigh Glerum with a procedure.[/ezcol_1third_end]

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