SAGE C4A Update: Two Grants Already Made in 2021!

Two Grants Already Made in 2021!

Canelo, an 8-month-old, male, Mix-breed dog developed hematuria and was found to have bladder stones.  He hadn’t blocked yet, but there was concern.  SAGE Compassion for Animals worked with Canelo’s owner and Cherry Chase Pet Hospital to get the funds needed for surgery.  With the grant bridging the gap of what the client couldn’t afford, Dr. Meline was able to perform surgery and all necessary diagnostics for Canelo, including critical stone analysis.

Chloe, a 9-month-old, lab cross was not eating well and a pyometra was diagnosed.  She was stable, and that gave the client time to work with SAGE Compassion for Animals and Oak Tree Animal Hospital to schedule surgery during these very busy COVID times.  The team at Oak Tree were very helpful and one staff member even paid for Chloe to be micro-chipped herself!  SAGE Compassion for Animals once again covered the remainder of the invoice that the client couldn’t afford even prior to Chloe’s discharge.

SAGE Compassion for Animals prevents suffering and euthanasia by providing financial assistance to qualified pet guardians with companion animals in medical crisis.  We are a 501(c)(3) organization that serves the San Francisco Bay Area.  We understand that some people are severely limited by finances and this can adversely affect the animal, the families and the veterinary care team (compassion fatigue).  We strive to provide financial assistance for veterinary care to pet guardians. We hope to reduce pet illness and injury by educating communities.  Our Board Members are veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and animal advocates that have deep ties with animal shelters, non-profits, and rescue groups.

We are looking forward to partnering with veterinary practices in the San Francisco Bay Area to help provide financial assistance to your clients in need that have a companion animal in an acute medical crisis.  We are looking for guidance from you if your client and their pet meets our eligibility requirements and that you are willing to offer at least a 25% discount on your services.  That is all that is required to become a veterinary partner and listed on our site (!  If your client is awarded a grant, we send the money directly to your office.  We hope to be able to help your clients as we were able to help Canelo and Chloe’s families.

If you are interested in being recognized as a SAGE Compassion for Animals Veterinary Partner, please email us at and our Executive Director, Dr. Julie D. Smith, will be happy to discuss!

SAGE Compassion for Animals is looking forward to fulfilling our mission with your help because we believe animals are amazing and that they are loved as members of a family.  We envision a world where there is access to the health care and education that pet parents need to give them their best lives possible.


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