Clinical Trial Opens New Door to SRS Treatment of Microscopic Disease

PetXMark Liquid Fiducial creates a marker around microscopic disease. Look closely and you will see an orange outline around the pink and red shapes. That outline represents where the SRS fraction will be administered.

In the past, stereotactic radiation (SRS/SRT) was not recommended for pets who had microscopic residual disease after surgical tumor resection, primarily because there was no clearly definable treatment target.
Now there is a new treatment option for cats and dogs with incompletely resected tumors. PetCure Oncology, in partnership with SAGE Centers, is now using PetXMarkTM to enable radiation oncologists to use SRS/SRT on incompletely resected, malignant tumors of the skin and subcutaneous tissues in dogs and cats. PetCure Oncology recently completed a pilot study that evaluated the utility of a liquid fiducial, PetXMark, to establish an SRS/SRT planning target volume in 20 dogs. This study showed that PetXMark was well tolerated and had no acute side effects.

Here’s how it works

PetXMark is injected along the surgical incision. Once it’s injected, it changes viscosity and forms a marker, which is visible in subsequent imaging. This allows an artificial target to be created that can be treated with SRS/SRT in a single fraction, rather than 15-20 fractions that are typically recommended for the treatment of incompletely resected tumors with Conventionally Fractionated Radiation Therapy (CFRT).  This technology could change veterinary radiation treatment for patients with cancer as it will significantly decrease the number of anesthetic events and time spent in the hospital.

What’s Next?

PetCure has completed the pilot study of the liquid fiducial and are now enrolling pets into two clinical trials to test the effectiveness of SRS/SRT when combined with PetXMark.
Main Trail (Dogs Only): PetCure Oncology is recruiting 50-60 participants for a clinical trial that will evaluate the effectiveness of SRS/SRT combined with PetXMark for the treatment of incompletely resected, grade 2, soft tissue sarcoma in dogs.
Supplementary Trial (Dogs and Cats): PetCure Oncology is also offering PetXMark to enable the delivery of SRS/SRT to dogs and cats with incompletely resected cancers that are not candidates for the Main Trial and may not otherwise be candidates for SRS/SRT.
To learn more about enrollment criteria, contact:
Brandy Banks, RT
Clinical Trials Coordinator, PetCure Oncology

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