A Message From Our Chief Medical Officer

To our wonderful SAGE community: 
The past six weeks have been full of unpredictable challenges with many changes in recommendations from the American Veterinary Medical Association, California Veterinary Medical Association, and various local and state Health Department changes. While adapting to the changes and recommendations, what has remained consistent through it all is our unwavering focus on providing medical care to the pets who need us. 
SAGE is fortunate to be deemed an essential service to our communities in the Bay Area, Anchorage, and Central Washington. Our hospitals continue to serve our patients and clients with normal hours of operation in all of our locations. In order to maintain our focus on patient care as well as employee and client safety, we have moved to client-free lobbies and meet clients at the door after phone conversations from their car. We screen all employees for symptoms of illness on a daily basis, and ask the same questions of clients bringing their pets in to minimize everyone’s exposure. 
On top of caring for each other within our SAGE hospitals and community, we work together to help our human healthcare colleagues. We have been preserving N95 masks so that human hospitals have access to supplies. We were able to donate some of our extra N95 masks to human hospitals in the SF Bay Area. Some of these human hospitals had run out of  masks and we are still seeing sick patients without protection. Others were making their doctors purchase their own masks, (which they were having trouble finding). Our employees delivered our surplus to local human hospitals so they could continue helping their patients. In addition, our doctors signed us up to loan our SAGE ventilators to local human hospitals when/if the time comes.
There are more challenges in our future, but the past few weeks have shown us that we are all here for a reason: to show compassion and kindness to our patients, each other, our clients, and to our human healthcare colleagues so that we can all save lives together. Amidst all the changes and lack of predictability surrounding us, we are thankful to be able to serve our community with our same focus and values on patient care that we’ve had for decades. Thank you for being a part of our SAGE family through challenging times. 
With sincere appreciation, 
Wendi Velando Rankin, DVM, MS, DACVIM (Oncology)
Medical Oncologist
Chief Medical Officer
SAGE Veterinary Centers

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