On-Demand Pet Services

Today, many people are finding themselves transporting their pet back and forth from multiple veterinary appointments, taking time out of their workday, or combatting the inevitable hassle of arranging someone else to take their pet.  That’s what Jeanne Salem, founder of 360 Pet Cab found herself doing when her cat, Meowington was diagnosed with, […]

Dog With Vape Smoke

Vaping Products Pose Severe Risk to Pets

In a 2018 letter to syndicated advice columnist Amy Dickinson, “Horrified” shared how her family nearly lost their beloved pup.1 Not to an illness or injury, but to vaping liquid. Horrified’s husband spilled the liquid on the floor and the dog ingested it and almost died. Horrified’s letter was brief, but SAGE Veterinary Center’s, […]

SAGE Veterinary Centers Welcomes Veterinary Vision to their Growing Network!

For Immediate Release on February 21, 2019 SAGE Veterinary Centers expands doctor‐led, medicine‐first care model through new partnership with Veterinary Vision SAGE Veterinary Centers (“SAGE”), the leading specialty and emergency veterinary organization on the West Coast, is pleased to announce they have added two new partner locations with Veterinary Vision, the top veterinary ophthalmology, […]

7 Tips for Keeping Your Cat’s Weight Under Control

Just like humans, cats can get fluffy around the waistline when they eat too much and don’t exercise. And just like us, their health can suffer when they become overweight. Diabetes is the most common health problem that SAGE Veterinary Centers Internal Medicine specialist Diane Dereszynski sees in overweight cats. She also sees arthritis, […]

Amanita Mushroom

Dangers of Mushroom Toxicity

Heidi McClain, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM SAGE Redwood City With the wet weather returning (thank goodness), SAGE wanted to remind our clients about the potential of poisonous mushrooms popping up in your yard or at your neighborhood park. Poisonous mushrooms are an uncommon cause of liver failure in many parts of the country, but are, […]

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