7 Tips for Keeping Your Cat’s Weight Under Control

Just like humans, cats can get fluffy around the waistline when they eat too much and don’t exercise. And just like us, their health can suffer when they become overweight. Diabetes is the most common health problem that SAGE Veterinary Centers Internal Medicine specialist Diane Dereszynski sees in overweight cats. She also sees arthritis, […]

Amanita Mushroom

Dangers of Mushroom Toxicity

Heidi McClain, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM SAGE Redwood City With the wet weather returning (thank goodness), SAGE wanted to remind our clients about the potential of poisonous mushrooms popping up in your yard or at your neighborhood park. Poisonous mushrooms are an uncommon cause of liver failure in many parts of the country, but are, […]

6 Winter Pet Safety Tips

6 Winter Pet Safety Tips

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! At least, it is for us humans. For our furry friends, it’s a season of cold weather, delicious smelling food, and super colorful decorations that they think double as pet toys. All of those things that we love about the winter holidays—the food, the decor, the, […]

Dog Begging

Put an End to Holiday (and Everyday) Overeating

We’ve all fed our pets a pinch of turkey, stuffing, potatoes and pie during the holidays… while their kibble bowl sits untouched. We’re human, so we think a little indulgence now and again makes life more fun. But overfeeding pets during the holidays can cause serious, immediate health issues, like gastrointestinal inflammation and pancreatitis., […]

Doctor Vitale

SAGE Veterinary Centers and Chicago Pacific Founders Announce Strategic Partnership

PRESS RELEASE SAGE Centers for Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care (“SAGE”), a leading specialty veterinary platform, and Chicago Pacific Founders Fund L.P. (“CPF”), a strategic healthcare investment fund, announced October 30 that they have entered into a partnership to expand SAGE’s doctor‐led, medicine‐first care model. Founded more than 26 years ago, SAGE is a, […]

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