April 22 is Earth Day! 7 Simple Ways to Go Green with Your Pets

7 Simple Ways to Go Green Earth Day is just around the corner. Let’s take a moment to talk about the carbon paw-print our pets leave behind and how you can go green with your pets — every day! Just like humans, pets impact the amount of carbon emitted back into the atmosphere from a variety, […]

Toxic beauty: Brunfelsia sickens several Tri-Valley dogs

Brunfelsia. It is known as the “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” plant because its flowers change color over three days. It’s a lovely evergreen shrub that has found its way from South and Central America to gardens across the Bay Area. Brunfelsia is beautiful, but it can be deadly to pets, especially dogs, who are, […]

Don’t Let Easter Gifts Turn into Doctor Visits for Your Pet

Everywhere you look, people are getting ready for Easter. There are baskets everywhere, and many of them are stuffed with items that make beautiful gifts for humans, but can be toxic to pets. Here’s a list of a few seasonal flowers and foods to keep away from your pets. Lilies Many lily varieties, including, […]

Is it a Shiver or a Seizure?

A dog’s unusual movements may or may not be a cause for concern. A dog’s body temperature is higher than ours—around 100-102 F—but that doesn’t mean they won’t get cold, or shiver from time to time, especially in winter. But when is it just a shiver, and when is it something more concerning, like, […]

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