Labrador mix wearing costume

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween is just a week away! Here are a few tips to help keep your pets safe during this spooky time of year. Guard the Black Cat People get superstitious during Halloween. Black cats have been known to bear the brunt of it. Best to keep black cats—whether they’re indoor or outdoor pets—indoors during the, […]

Dog holding leash ready for a walk

Bay Area Spots for National Walk Your Dog Week

We sweated through the September heat waves, but as soon as October rolled around, we knew we had much to look forward to: cooler days and nights and… National Walk Your Dog Week! Colleen Paige, the mastermind behind other trending holidays, started National Walk Your Dog Week in 2010 to get us thinking about, […]

Signs Your Pet May Have Heart Disease

Signs Your Pet May Have Heart Disease

When it comes to life-threatening illnesses, few are as dangerous to humans as heart disease. What many people don’t realize, however, is that pets can also be susceptible to a variety of illnesses relating to the cardiovascular system. Here are the early symptoms that your pet may have heart disease: Respiratory Issues For many, […]

Bulldog playing in the fall leaves

Top Fall Pet Safety Tips

Fall has arrived, and that means seasonal changes that can impact your pet’s health and well-being. Here are a few tips to keep your pets safe this season: Keep them warm and safe Chillier, shorter days can mean a change to walk and outdoor routines. If you feel the chill, your animals do, too., […]

pet broken torn nail

Ouch! Get help for pet’s broken or torn nails

When a dog or cat breaks a nail and the quick (or blood vessel) is exposed, the resultant bleeding can seem like a lot! It can also be very painful, similar to when a human breaks a nail below the nail bed. You may notice your pet is unsteady or holding their foot up, trying, […]