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Antivenom Vs. Rattlesnake Vaccine

Recently at our REI Lectures on “Wilderness First Aid for Dogs”, we have been receiving many inquiries regarding antivenom and the rattlesnake vaccine. To provide more insight, one of our long time ER Doctors, Dr. Mary Ellen Finely of SAGE Redwood City will break down the difference. Antivenom Antivenom is a purified antibody or, […]

Summer Pet Safety Tips

Happy Summer 2019 from SAGE Veterinary Centers! Now that the Summer Season is in full swing and temperatures are rising. SAGE wants to help keep your pets healthy and remind you of these Summer Pet Safety Tips: #1: Pets should be kept indoors during extreme heat. Start planning your outdoor activities with your pets, […]

7 Tips for Keeping Your Cat’s Weight Under Control

Just like humans, cats can get fluffy around the waistline when they eat too much and don’t exercise. And just like us, their health can suffer when they become overweight. Diabetes is the most common health problem that SAGE Veterinary Centers Internal Medicine specialist Diane Dereszynski sees in overweight cats. She also sees arthritis, […]

6 Winter Pet Safety Tips

6 Winter Pet Safety Tips

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! At least, it is for us humans. For our furry friends, it’s a season of cold weather, delicious smelling food, and super colorful decorations that they think double as pet toys. All of those things that we love about the winter holidays—the food, the decor, the, […]

Top 5 Questions We Hear at Our Wilderness Talks

SAGE veterinarians have spoken to hundreds of dog owners at our Wilderness First Aid talks at local REI stores. Here are some of the most common questions we hear: Are there any NSAIDS that are safe for dogs? SAGE Redwood City criticalist Dr. Sara Lefman says dog owners can administer low dose aspirin if, […]

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