Veterinarian Wins Prize for Development of Propofol

SAGE Anesthesiologist talks about how we use this drug in veterinary medicine John “Iain” Glen grew up on a farm in Scotland, and he always enjoyed working with animals. Flash forward about 50 years. In September 2018, Dr. Glen, a British veterinarian and veterinary anesthesiologist, won the prestigious Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation Award, […]

Thank you, SAGE Veterinary Technicians!

We’re grateful for your care and hard work Every year, we celebrate National Veterinary Technicians Week at SAGE and take time to applaud the staff that works side by side with our veterinarians and customer service coordinators to ensure our patients receive the best care available. SAGE vet techs and assistants interact with each, […]

Canine Influenza Doesn’t Take a Vacation

The rash of canine influenza cases we saw last winter may seem like a distant memory with summer here. But keep in mind, canine influenza doesn’t rest. There are peaks and valleys, but emergency veterinarians know the virus is a year-round problem, says Dr. Christine Wong, DVM, DACVECC at SAGE Campbell. Summer is a, […]

Clinical Trial Opens New Door to SRS Treatment of Microscopic Disease

In the past, stereotactic radiation (SRS/SRT) was not recommended for pets who had microscopic residual disease after surgical tumor resection, primarily because there was no clearly definable treatment target. Now there is a new treatment option for cats and dogs with incompletely resected tumors. PetCure Oncology, in partnership with SAGE Centers, is now using, […]

Internists and Surgeons Join Forces to Treat Urinary Conditions in Pets

SAGE Dublin and SAGE Redwood City internists and surgeons are now offering minimally invasive bladder stone removal in cats and dogs using a specialized scope called a Flexible Uretero-Renoscope. Their partnership is another example of SAGE specialists collaborating to provide advanced care to pets. SAGE Dublin internist Dr. Jennifer Strasser says the scope enables teams to, […]

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