Clinical Trial Opens New Door to SRS Treatment of Microscopic Disease

In the past, stereotactic radiation (SRS/SRT) was not recommended for pets who had microscopic residual disease after surgical tumor resection, primarily because there was no clearly definable treatment target. Now there is a new treatment option for cats and dogs with incompletely resected tumors. PetCure Oncology, in partnership with SAGE Centers, is now using, […]

Internists and Surgeons Join Forces to Treat Urinary Conditions in Pets

SAGE Dublin and SAGE Redwood City internists and surgeons are now offering minimally invasive bladder stone removal in cats and dogs using a specialized scope called a Flexible Uretero-Renoscope. Their partnership is another example of SAGE specialists collaborating to provide advanced care to pets. SAGE Dublin internist Dr. Jennifer Strasser says the scope enables teams to, […]

Grab a brush, it’s National Hairball Awareness Day!

National Hairball Awareness Day is April 27, and while the event may draw chuckles from some, cat owners know that hairballs are no laughing matter. In fact, a mass of undigested hair in a cat’s intestinal tract can cause serious health problems, which is why awareness and efforts to control hairballs are so important., […]

Toxic beauty: Brunfelsia sickens several Tri-Valley dogs

Brunfelsia. It is known as the “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” plant because its flowers change color over three days. It’s a lovely evergreen shrub that has found its way from South and Central America to gardens across the Bay Area. Brunfelsia is beautiful, but it can be deadly to pets, especially dogs, who are, […]

Canine Influenza Outbreak Has Bay Area Veterinarians on Alert

Pet owners should be aware of a recent outbreak in canine influenza cases. The SAGE Emergency team has seen several cases of canine influenza over the last several days, with the majority of cases being in the South Bay. Many of these cases can be linked to time spent in a boarding facility or, […]

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