Toxic beauty: Brunfelsia sickens several Tri-Valley dogs

Brunfelsia. It is known as the “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” plant because its flowers change color over three days. It’s a lovely evergreen shrub that has found its way from South and Central America to gardens across the Bay Area. Brunfelsia is beautiful, but it can be deadly to pets, especially dogs, who are, […]

Canine Influenza Outbreak Has Bay Area Veterinarians on Alert

Pet owners should be aware of a recent outbreak in canine influenza cases. The SAGE Emergency team has seen several cases of canine influenza over the last several days, with the majority of cases being in the South Bay. Many of these cases can be linked to time spent in a boarding facility or, […]

A Day in the Life of an Emergency Veterinary Team

Illnesses and accidents can happen at any time of day. When a beloved pet is sick or hurt, our clients drop everything and seek care. At the ER, the staff triages the problem. Here, there are no appointments, just degrees of urgency. Veterinarians, veterinary technicians and front desk staff must be ready for anything,, […]

California Marijuana Laws Impacts to Pets

What Do Changes to California’s Marijuana Laws Mean to Your Pet?

On January 1, 2018, recreational marijuana will be legal in California for adults 21 and older. This is a big change that will impact California residents—and, potentially pets. More marijuana could mean more toxicity cases Veterinarians saw an increase in marijuana toxicity cases following medical-marijuana legalization, so they are bracing for the increase in, […]

Allie Pit Bull Fractured Jaw Radiographs

SAGE Dublin Surgeon Heals Puppy’s Jaw after Alleged Beating

The 9-month old pit bull puppy from Hayward was shaking, and her tongue hung out of her mouth, covered in blood. A victim of suspected animal abuse, “Allie” had an injured left jaw and severe bruising around her ears and trunk. Taking a closer look, SAGE Dublin surgeon Dr. Tim Sellmeyer noticed that Allie, […]

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