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Veterinarians Seeing Many Types of Marijuana Exposure

By Mary Ellen Finley, MS, DVM Emergency/Critical Care at SAGE Redwood City With the legalization of both medicinal and recreational marijuana, veterinarians are seeing more cases of pets getting into their parents’ stash. The ready availability of high-grade product, as well as concentrated oils and butters, has increased the impact of these exposures. Dogs, […]

7 Tips for Keeping Your Cat’s Weight Under Control

Just like humans, cats can get fluffy around the waistline when they eat too much and don’t exercise. And just like us, their health can suffer when they become overweight. Diabetes is the most common health problem that SAGE Veterinary Centers Internal Medicine specialist Diane Dereszynski sees in overweight cats. She also sees arthritis, […]

SAGE CCU: The Hub in the Wheel of Care

Many people want to know the difference between Emergency and Critical Care. The differences lie in the severity of the injury or illness, which dictates the degree of clinical staff involvement. Our emergency staff sees pets that can often be treated and sent home in a relatively short amount of time. An example of, […]

Helping Longevity Along: An Integrative Approach to Geriatric Care 

Thanks to advances in veterinary care – not to mention our overall awareness of animal health and welfare – our pets are living longer. Pet owners are relishing these extra years with their best friends, and they’re learning more about the special care our older pets may need. Sometimes, older, frail animals have ailments, […]

Dog Begging

Put an End to Holiday (and Everyday) Overeating

We’ve all fed our pets a pinch of turkey, stuffing, potatoes and pie during the holidays… while their kibble bowl sits untouched. We’re human, so we think a little indulgence now and again makes life more fun. But overfeeding pets during the holidays can cause serious, immediate health issues, like gastrointestinal inflammation and pancreatitis., […]

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