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Canine Influenza Doesn’t Take a Vacation

The rash of canine influenza cases we saw last winter may seem like a distant memory with summer here. But keep in mind, canine influenza doesn’t rest. There are peaks and valleys, but emergency veterinarians know the virus is a year-round problem, says Dr. Christine Wong, DVM, DACVECC at SAGE Campbell. Summer is a, […]

SAGE Surgeon Reaches for Ancient Remedy to Combat Antibiotic Resistance

SAGE veterinarians treat wounds that are infected by bacteria that resist many first line antibiotics, just as physicians do in their human patients. When antibiotic resistance happens, SAGE Concord surgeon Lissa Richardson turns to honey, a substance that humans have used as a wound dressing since time immemorial. Why Honey? Honey has antimicrobial properties, […]

Diagnosing and Treating Diabetes Mellitus in Pets

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic and a potentially debilitating condition that affects cats and dogs. When a pet has diabetes mellitus, their pancreas does not produce adequate amounts of insulin. A vital hormone, insulin enables a body’s cells to use glucose, or sugar. Your veterinarian may not know why your dog or cat has, […]

SAGE Physical Rehab Finds New Ways to Use Dog Cart

People often think of a cart as the equivalent of a wheelchair for dogs who have lost their ability to walk.  But Dr. Jill Kuhl in SAGE Campbell’s Physical Rehabilitation department uses carts in a different, more temporary way. It all started with Buddha, a 3-year-old pit bull mix. All Animal Rescue and Friends (AARF), […]

SAGE Neurologist Deciphers Wide Range of Brain, Spinal Diseases

With her bright eyes and wagging tail, you’d never guess that Lucy the 12-year-old Dachshund had recently had spinal surgery. Here she was, hamming it up for the camera with Dr. Christina Vitale, the SAGE Campbell neurologist and neurosurgeon who had performed her surgery. February had been a different story. Lucy’s owners, SAGE surgeons, […]

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