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Holiday “No-Flea Market” – December 4, 2021

Pet Supplies Plus and Arizona Animal Hospital will be co-hosting a holiday-themed community event…

Preparing pets for your return to the office!

When COVID-19 shut down most aspects of our lives, our dogs became more than our pets, they became a much larger part of our support system!  Through the past year, they have grown accustomed to

Heartworm Disease…..Should You Be Worried?

How to Understand Those Dang Pet Labels

Are You Worried About the Dog Flu?

New Treatment for Noise Aversion

New Canine Valley Fever Research

Check out the latest from BTV!

‘Tis the Season….For Pet Allergies

Heartworm Prevention in AZ?

Valley Fever Treatment

North Scottsdale Coyote Attacks

Pet Insurance Vs. Wellness Plans

Brett the Vet QNA – Rattlesnake Vaccine. Is it necessary?

Exceptional X-ray technology

Desert Dog Danger Alert!

Safety at Arizona Animal Hospital

Arizona Animal Hospital – A New Veterinary Clinic in Scottsdale

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