Heartworm Prevention in Bay Area

Heartworm Prevention For Dogs

Heartworm prevention is an important step you can take to keep your dog safe. A simple tablet or injection can prevent you or your dog from ever having to deal with this serious, and potentially fatal, problem. Keep reading to find out the importance of preventing heartworms in your dog. Where do heartworms come, […]

Laparoscopic Gastropexy Spay Procedure Available for Large-Breed Dogs

February 28, 2017 is World Spay Day. While SAGE does not provide traditional spay and neuter services, our surgeons frequently do perform spays in combination with gastropexy (laparoscopic gastropexy spay procedure), reducing post-op recovery., a surgical procedure in which the stomach is tacked to the abdominal wall to prevent bloat. Prophylactic gastropexy is often, […]

Bay Area Pets Diagnosed with Dangerous Bacterial Infection, Leptospirosis

Over the last month, several cases of leptospirosis, a potentially deadly bacterial disease, have been diagnosed in dogs in the Bay Area. Leptospirosis is a serious bacterial infection that is often spread through contaminated water. The organism is shed in the urine of small mammals and has in previous years been found along the, […]

Dog playing with kong toy

Dog-Friendly Peanut Butter Treats

National Peanut Butter Day January 24 is National Peanut Butter Day! A favorite of dogs everywhere, peanut butter is a source of both protein and fat. While a small scoop of peanut butter in a Kong toy is enough to thrill most dogs, here are a few other dog-friendly treats for those of you, […]

Dangerous Amanita Mushroom | SAGE: Centers for Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care

Dangerous Amanita Mushroom Springing Up in Bay Area Yards & Parks

With both recent and upcoming wet weather in our area, SAGE wants to remind our clients about the potential danger of poisonous mushrooms growing in your yards and neighborhood parks. We recently had a dog present to SAGE Concord in severe liver failure, just one day after going on a hike with his owner., […]

Four New Year’s Resolutions for Pets & Owners

Get an annual exam Visits to the veterinarian shouldn’t just be made when a pet is injured or sick. Annual wellness exams can help detect problems in their early stages, at which point they’re more likely to be treated and resolved with less expense and better success. Regular exams can also help doctors establish, […]

Weekend Snow Trips with your Pet

Winter is here and so are those weekend snow trips! Here are a few tips to keep it fun for everyone; four-legged family members included. Winter Wonderland Stroll Make sure your dog is prepared and decked out for his winter outing. Dogs with little body fat will be much happier in a water-resistant sweater, […]

Pet Safe Holiday Decorating

Christmas trees are beautiful, but not everything adorning your tree is safe for or around your pets. Here are some decorations you may want to avoid so that you don’t wind up visiting the emergency vet this holiday season. Tinsel can be dangerous to cats. Cats are known to swallow strands of tinsel, which, […]

Dutch’s Story

Meet Dutch. He’s an 11-year-old lab with a heart of gold and a story to tell. We thank Dutch and family for their kind words and continue sending our best wishes. What Cancer? My name is Dutch. I am a black lab. My mom describes me as the ambassador of all things good in, […]


Halloween can be scary for pets too. Follow these pet safety tips to make sure your pet is treated and not tricked this Halloween!, […]